Melissa adams

I am Melissa Adams. I am a 52-year-old grandma and I am an X Brand Partner. I started working for other people when I was 14 years old and I have a great work ethic. I learned that from my dad.

I've got one daughter and her whole life I worked. I was not there. I was not present because I was always working to try to build a better life for her. I wanted to give her all the things that she needed and wanted, and the life of adventure that I had always dreamed about. But I woke up one day and I missed it.

We would take quick beach trips here and there, but for most of her life I worked and I missed so much. I regret that so badly, but I'm so thankful for Xyngular.

I chose this because they have the best compensation plan, hands-down. They have the best people that you'll ever find. They have the best products and not just the best products, but consumable products that people use and order month after month for weight loss, energy, gut health and so much more. It's a $1 trillion industry.

I can work now from anywhere I can take my cell phone. Anywhere I choose, anytime I choose. I can pick up at any time and go see my grandchildren and I will not have to miss one ballgame or anything that they do, because I get to choose when I work.

We built our dream house. My husband and I have been on 16 all-expense paid bucket list trips. Right now we are living a life of adventure and you can too!